Nothing is impossible, we want you to experience that physically. Through calisthenics, movement and play you can master your body. The aim at Calisthenics Club is to support anyone, anywhere, anytime in going beyond their physical limits. 



All of these styles combine to build a perfect well rounded body. Whilst some focus on flexibility and mobility, some improve strength and stability. Too much of one or too little of another can lead to imbalances. The aim at Callisthenics Club is to use a combination of these to help you keep progressing. To master certain skills it will require different areas o training, all of this is considered and included in all of our programmes.



At Calisthenics Club we have created and follow a system that can be applied and scaled to all exercises and movements. In some way, shape or form you will follow the process of preparing, building a foundation, applying that and becoming a master at a movement. This may be applied to something as simple as push ups all the way to a one arm handstand. Once you master one movement you can begin to progress to more advanced exercises. The system may not always be visible but from the moment you warm up to the stretches at the end of a session your program is shaped by this system. 


Ultimately what we do at Calisthenics Club is about your progress. This is something you need to be able to monitor, track and see happening. We have a scoring and level system that helps you see where you are up to in mastering each movement and skill and how this looks overall based on all of the movements and skills combined.